AAUSAT-II engineering and flight model 

AAUSAT-II is a satellite constructed by students at Aalborg University between 2004 and 2007 and launched on April 28th 2008.

Its main purpose was to give us students a chance participate in a big project with proper deadlines, deliverables and requirements. Furthermore we wanted to test a gamma ray detector designed by Danish National Space Center and an attitude determination and control system (ADCS).

I joined the project very early on, working on ADCS and later as a systems engineer, and I was fortunate that my PhD at AAU allowed me to still be on the project during launch,

During the project my main responsibilities where the sensor hardware, ADCS low level software, Mission Control Center software and On Board Communications protocol. However the project was very collaborative so many of the core participants were involved in decisions, testing and design of each others subsystems, e.g. I got involved with both the Electrical Power System the On Board Computer and Solar Cell Bonding.