Bibover – a reference extension for jemdoc

Bibover is a bibtex extension for Jemdoc, which provides “floating” references. Bibover is heavily inspired by and borrows from Truong X. Nghiem's Jemdoc export filter for JabRef.


A few example references, e.g. my PhD thesis[Grunnet 2009] or an article about control theory [Bemporad and Morari 1999] and maybe even the trusty old dog book textrm{LaTeX}.


In order to use Bibover you need Jabref, which is a BibTex reference database, and of course the Bibover package.

  1. Before you get started you need to add the JabRef export filter named bibover.layout to JabRef. Please refer to the JabRef manual for help on this step, but I recommend that you chose .jeminc as the file extension.

  2. Export the references you want available in your Jemdoc document.

  3. Copy bibover.css to your html folder.

  4. Make sure bibover.conf is somewhere in Jemdoc's search path e.g. in the same directory as your source files.

  5. Add #jemdoc: addcss{bibover.css} to your document.

  6. Add #include{exbib.jeminc} to your document, where exbib.jeminc is the file name of your exported BibTex entries.

  7. Add any citations you want as [javascript:cite('bibkey’) mark] where bibkey is the BibTex key of the entry you want to refer to and mark is what you want the reference to appear as in your document.

  8. Compile your jemdoc file with jemdoc -c bibover.conf file.jemdoc.

For an example, see the source of this page.


Version 0.9 is available here

Change log

Version 0.9

  • The initial release


Your are free to use bibover however you like, but I would appreciate if you notify me of any bugs you might find or fix.

I encourage you to give me credit if you redistribute bibover or any derivative work and Truong X. Nghiem and Jacob Mattingly (author of Jemdoc) also deserves to be mentioned.

Finally, bibover is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Control of systems integrating logic, dynamics, and constraints
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Automated Controller Synthesis for non-Deterministic Piecewise-Affine Hybrid Systems
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