SSETI-Express and Baumanetz

SSETI-Express On Board Computer 

SSETI-Express is a satellite constructed by students from all over Europe between 2003 and 2005 and launched on October 27th 2005.

The On Board Computer from Express, shown left was flown in a slightly modified version on the Russian Student satellite Baumanetz.

The purpose of Express is to take pictures of the Earth and be a test-bed for the future ESA-student satellites such as European Student Earth Observer. Further more it contains a radio transponder which can be used by the radio amateur community.

I joined SSETI-Express very late in the process, as there was a need for developing and testing of software for the OBC communication. I worked with the OBC team through approximately 4 months developing and testing an OBC internal communications protocol and modifying the communications software for the Baumanetz version.